About Book Buys

Book Buys is a book price comparison built to be fast, simple, and respectful of privacy.

Privacy First

Book Buys issues no cookies whatsoever. We are not here to track you. CloudFlare does use a cookie to try to load balance and optimize caches, it is not used for any kind of record.

The vendors we link to do use cookies to follow your buying process, and that is how we are paid. But on our end, we do not track you with analytics in any way.


Book Buys is 100% pure AMP HTML. AMP is a specification started by Google to speed up websites and improve the user experience on mobile devices and slower network connectsions.


Search for your book or look through our book lists, and click on the link for the book. Look at the prices at different vendors, and buy the one you like.

There's nothing else to it. We hope you like our service. If you do need any help, please contact us at service@bookbuys.com.