Messing Around on the Monkey Bars : and Other School Poems for Two Voices

Betsy Franco; Jessie Hartland
Candlewick Press (MA)

Grab a partner (or many more) and read these playful poems for multiple voices aloud -- evoking all the high spirits and hijinks of a day at school. Out on the playground, kids are skipping rope and making.

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trades. In the library, they're whispering, fi dgeting, and giggling. In the classroom, they're learning their lessons....or spinning tales about why they haven't turned in their homework. Throughout this collection of nineteen poems -- ideal for reading aloud in pairs, but just as much fun with one or many -- words, pictures, and voices erupt in an irresistible invitation to join an exhilarating ride around school. So hop on the bus! The pencils are tapping, the clock is ticking, and reports are due...tomorrow?