Baghdad without a Map and Other Misadventures in Arabia

Tony Horwitz
Penguin Publishing Group

A very funny and frequently insightful look at the worlds most combustible region.The New York Times Book ReviewNATIONAL BESTSELLER With razor-sharp wit and insight, intrepid journalist Tony Horwitz gets beyond solemn newspaper headlines and romantic myths of Arabia to offer startling close-ups of a volatile region few Westerners understand.

His quest for hot stories takes him from the tribal wilds of Yemen to the shell-pocked shores of Lebanon; from the malarial sands of the Sudan to the eerie souks of Saddam Husseins Iraq, a land so secretive that even street maps and weather reports are banned. As an oasis in the Empty Quarter, a veiled woman offers tea and a mysterious declaration of love. In Cairo, politeness police patrol seedy nightclubs to ensure that belly dancers dont show any belly. And at the Ayatollahs funeral in Tehran a mourner chants, Death to America, then confesses to the author his secret dreamto visit Disneyland. Careening through thirteen Muslim countries and Israel, Horwitz travels light, packing a keen eye, a wicked sense of humor, and chutzpah in almost suicidal measure. This wild and comic tale of Middle East misadventure reveals a fascinating world in which the ancient and the modern collide.