Perspectives in the Development of Mobile Medical Information Systems: Life Cycle, Management, Methodological Approach and Application discusses System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) thoroughly, focusing.

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on Mobile Healthcare Information Systems (M-HIS). Covering all aspect of M-HIS development, the book moves from modeling, assessment, and design phases towards prototype phase. Topics such as mobile healthcare information system requirements, model identification, user behavior, system analysis and design are all discussed. Additionally, it covers the construction, coding and testing of a new system, and encompasses a discussion on future directions of the field.Based on an existing mobile cardiac emergency system used as a real case throughout the chapters, and unifying and clarifying the various processes and concepts of SDLC for M-HIS, this book is a valuable source for medical informaticians, graduate students and several members of biomedical and medical fields interested in medical information systems.Presents a system development life cycle that can be used for developing different kinds of systems others than health related and also can be used for educational purposesIncludes behavioral studies in the system development life cycle to assist in the design of systems with consideration of users behavior, which is even more important for medical systemsUses a real mobile cardiac emergency system as an example for systems development