The Atlantic Walrus: Biological, Historical, and Indigenous Insights into Species-Human Interactions addresses the key dimensions of walrus and human interactions across the North Atlantic and Arctic regions.

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over the past 4,000 years. It establishes a new synthesis of historical ecology and biology, focusing on the effects of climate change on the species' population and the different phases of human impacts. Sections cover genetics and behavior, delving into evolution and purposes, and detail prehistoric, pristine walrus populations affected by Indigenous and Viking hunting and usage. The book emphasizes the importance of molecular advances and biological research and how to conserve remaining populations. This is an ideal resource for marine biologists and conservationists who require the most updated and accurate source of biological and historical information on the species. Paleoecologists will also find this useful for the evolution of the Atlantic walrus and how the species has needed to adapt to the environment and neighboring humans to survive.