Basic Principles of Drug Discovery and Development presents the multifaceted process of identifying a new drug in the modern era, one that requires a multidisciplinary team approach with input from medicinal.

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chemists, biologists, pharmacologists, drug metabolism experts, toxicologists, clinicians and a host of experts from numerous additional fields. Enabling technologies such as high throughput screening, structure-based drug design, molecular modeling, pharmaceutical profiling, and translational medicine are critical to the successful development of marketable therapeutics. This book bridges the knowledge gaps that invariably lead to communication issues, providing a fundamental understanding of the techniques and disciplines required for multifaceted drug research. The fully updated text provides an excellent overview of the process and includes chapters on important drug targets by class, in vitro screening methods, medicinal chemistry strategies in drug design, principles in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, animal models of disease states, clinical trial basics, and selected business aspects of the drug discovery process.