Wind Turbines and Aerodynamics Energy Harvesters

Dan Zhao; Nuomin Han; Ernest Goh

Wind Turbines and Aerodynamics Energy Harvesters not only presents the most research-focused resource on aerodynamic energy harvesters, but also provides a detailed review on aeroacoustics characteristics..

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The book considers all developing aspects of 3D printed miniature and large-size Savonious wind harvesters, while also introducing and discussing bladeless and aeroelastic harvesters. Following with a review of Off-shore wind turbine aerodynamics modeling and measurements, the book continues the discussion by comparing the numerical codes for floating offshore wind turbines. Each chapter contains a detailed analysis and numerical and experimental case studies that consider recent research design, developments, and their application in practice. Written by an experienced, international team in this cross-disciplinary field, the book is an invaluable reference for wind power engineers, technicians and manufacturers, as well as researchers examining one of the most promising and efficient sources of renewable energy. Offers numerical models and case studies by experienced authors in this fieldContains an overview and analysis of the latest researchExplores 3D printing technology and the production of wind harvesters for real applicationsIncludes, and uses, ANSYS FLUENT case files