Nanomaterials in Clinical Medicine: Case Studies in Nanomedicines focuses on the nanomaterials that can be formulated as drug delivery vehicles, such as liposomes, micelles, nanoemulsions and nanogels..

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Their physicochemical, morphological, thermo-dynamical and nanotoxicological properties are analyzed with respect to the design and development of drug delivery nanosystems for the encapsulation of an active pharmaceutical ingredient and its controlled release. Each chapter covers basic properties, the nanosystem (e.g., liposomes), the added value in drug delivery and targeting, and future perspectives. Case studies and examples of how nanomaterials are being used in clinical medicine, including marketed liposomal medicines and medical utility and regimens are also included.Particular attention is given to new nanocarriers, such as elastic liposomes, lipid polymeric hybrid nanoparticles, organogel, nanofibers carbon nanomaterials, quantum dots and inorganic nanoparticles. This book is an important information source for those wanting to increase their understanding of what major nanomaterials are being used to create more effective drug delivery systems.Summarizes the major nanomaterials used in clinical medicine, explaining how their properties make them suitable for this purposeExplains how nanomaterials are used to create increasingly efficient drug delivery vehiclesIncludes real-life examples, demonstrating how nanomaterials are being used in medical practice