Medicinal Plants in Asia and Pacific for Parasitic Infections: Botany, Ethnopharmacology, Molecular Basis, and Future Prospect offers an in-depth view into antiprotozoal pharmacology of natural products.

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from medicinal plants in Asia with an emphasis on their molecular basis, cellular pathways, and cellular targets. This book provides scientific names, botanical classifications, botanical description, medicinal uses, chemical constituents and antiprotozoal activity of more than 100 Asian medicinal plants, with high quality original botanical plates, chemical structures, and pharmacological diagrams and lists hundreds of carefully selected references. It also examines the pharmacological and medicinal applications of Asian medicinal plants especially in drug development for protozoan prevention and treatment. Medicinal Plants in Asia and Pacific for Parasitic Infections is a research tool and resource for the discovery of leads for the treatment of protozoal diseases based on interrelated botanical, biochemical, ethnopharmacological, phylogenetic, pharmacological, and chemical information.