Superhydrophobic Polymer Coatings : Fundamentals, Design, Fabrication, and Applications


Superhydrophobic Polymer Coatings: Fundamentals, Design, Fabrication, and Applications offers a comprehensive overview of the preparation and applications of polymer coatings with superhydrophobicity, guiding the reader through advanced techniques and scientific principles. Sections present detailed information on the fundamental theories and methods behind the preparation of superhydrophobic polymer coatings and demonstrate the current and potential applications of these materials, covering a range of novel and marketable uses across industry, including coatings with properties such as foul resistance and self-cleaning, anti-icing and ice-release, corrosion inhibition, antibacterial, anti-reflection, slip and drag reduction, oil-water separation, and advanced medical applications. This book is a highly valuable resource for academic researchers, scientists and advanced students working on polymer coatings or polymer surface modifications, as well as professionals across polymer science, polymer chemistry, plastics engineering, and materials science. The detailed information in this book will also be of great interest to scientists, R&D professionals, product designers and engineers who are looking to develop products with superhydrophobic coatings.