Developed for academic researchers and for those who work in industry, Present and Future of High Pressure Processing: A Tool for Developing Innovative, Sustainable, Safe, and Healthy Foods outlines innovative.

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applications derived from the use of high-pressure processing, beyond microbial inactivation. This content is especially important for product developers as it includes technological, physicochemical, and nutritional perspectives. This book specifically focuses on innovative high-pressure processing applications and begins with an introduction followed by a section on the impact of high-pressure processing on bioactive compounds and bioaccessibility/bioavailability. The third section addresses the ways in which high-pressure processing can assist in the reduction of toxins and contaminants, while the fourth section presents opportunities for the use of high-pressure processing in the development of healthy and/or functional food. This reference concludes with an analysis of the challenges regarding the use of high-pressure processing as an innovative application.