Nature-Inspired Optimization Algorithms for Fuzzy Controlled Servo Systems

Radu-Emil Precup; Radu-Codrut David

Nature-inspired Optimization Algorithms for Fuzzy Controlled Servo Systems explains fuzzy control in servo systems in a way that doesn't require any solid mathematical prerequisite. Analysis and design.

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methodologies are covered, along with specific applications to servo systems and representative case studies. The theoretical approaches presented throughout the book are validated by the illustration of digital simulation and real-time experimental results. This book is a great resource for a wide variety of readers, including graduate students, engineers (designers, practitioners and researchers), and everyone who faces challenging control problems. Merges classical and modern approaches to fuzzy controlPresents, in a unified structure, the essential aspects regarding fuzzy control in servo systemsExplains notions of fuzzy set theory and fuzzy control to readers with limited experience