Neuroscience of the Nonconscious Mind

Rajendra Badgaiyan

Neuroscience of the Nonconscious Mind includes novel concepts and insights on the brain mechanisms that control nonconscious mental functions, some of which were developed in the author's laboratory. The.

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book describes neuroscience of conventional nonconscious mental functions, along with not so conventional functions like creativity, hypnosis and extrasensory perception, thus making it a very unique reference. This thought provoking book for students of mind, brain and consciousness will help explain concepts and introduce the science behind the nonconscious. Explains how the brain controls nonconscious cognition and behaviorDescribes how the nonconscious mind helps us make smart decisionsIncludes historical perspectives and interesting experiments on nonconscious cognitionPresents novel, thought provoking ideas concerning neural signal processingDescribes situations where the nonconscious mind is smarter than the conscious mind