In recent years genomic medicine has grown from a new medical science to an implementable set of clinical methods and technologies whose concrete applications are revolutionizing the health sector. However,.

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most primary care and family health practitioners still have limited experience employing genetic and genomic approaches effectively in their daily practice. In Managing Patient Health in the Genomic Era: Family Health History and Chronic Disease Risk, Drs. Vincent Henrich, Lori Orlando, and Brian Shirts discuss the practical considerations surrounding the use of genomic and genetic tests to manage patient health, provide adult disease risk assessment, improve diagnosis, and support effective interventions and treatment. In ten chapters, evidence-based information and case studies are described and examine the central place of family health history (FHH) in genomic medicine, tools and strategies for compiling and analysing family health history, how to identify existing and novel genetic markers, how to identify lineage specific (or rare) variants within families, and how to find effective interventions based on genetic testing results and FHH. Factors which influence clinical practice, including gene-environment interactions, FHH social networking, direct to consumer (DTC) genetic testing and data sharing, algorithms for analyzing genetic data, and patient counseling are discussed from the standpoint of clinical practice. Here frontline healthcare providers will discover succinct commentary and key examples to assist with their local needs. Relevant principles of genetic biology and inheritance are explored and guidance on available support networks and online resources is also provided.