High-Density Sequencing Applications in Microbial Molecular Genetics, Volume 612 in the Methods of Enzymology series provides the latest on the high-density sequencing of DNA and cDNA libraries and how.

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they have revolutionized contemporary research in biology. Methods permitting tens of millions of sequence reads in a single experiment have paved the way to genome-wide studies that are contributing to our understanding of the complexity of living systems. Chapters in this updated volume include Characterizing the role of exoribonucleases in the control of microbial gene expression: Differential RNA seq., Conformational studies of bacterial chromosomes by high-throughput sequencing methods, Measuring mRNA degradation, and more. Addition sections cover Global recognition patterns of bacterial RNA-binding proteins, High-resolution profiling of NMD targets, and the Generation of a metagenomic 3C/Hi-C library of human gut microbiota, Genome-wide mapping of yeast retrotransposons integration target sites, Measuring protein synthesis rates, Finding unsuspected partners of small RNAs with new screening approaches, Use of multiplexed transcriptomics to define the relationship between promoter sequence and transcription output, RNA-based control of quorum sensing in Vibrio cholerae, amongst other highly regarded topics.