Dishonesty in Behavioral Economics

Alessandro Bucciol; Natalia Montinari

Dishonesty in Behavioral Economics provides a rigorous and comprehensive overview of dishonesty, presenting state-of-the-art research that adopts a behavioral economics perspective. Throughout the volume,.

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contributors emphasize the effects of psychological, social, and cognitive factors on the decision-making process. In contrast to related titles, Dishonesty in Behavioral Economics emphasizes the importance of empirical research methodologies. Its contributors demonstrate how various methods applied to similar research questions can lead to different results. This characteristic is important because, of course, it is difficult to obtain reliable measures of dishonesty. Reviews many key issues in the literature around lying, cheating, fraudulence, and deceptionCovers both state-of-the-art methods and data collection mechanisms (e.g., laboratory experiments, field experiments, online surveys)Discusses novel interdisciplinary research findings and from them proposes new avenues of research