Careers in Biomedical Engineering

Michael Levin-Epstein
Academic Press

Careers in Biomedical Engineering offers readers a comprehensive overview of new career opportunities in the field of biomedical engineering. The book begins with a discussion of the extensive changes which the biomedical engineering profession has undergone in the last 10 years. Subsequent sections explore educational, training and certification options for a range of subspecialty areas and diverse workplace settings. As research organizations are looking to biomedical engineers to provide project-based assistance on new medical devices and/or help on how to comply with FDA guidelines and best practices, this book will be useful for undergraduate and graduate biomedical students, practitioners, academic institutions, and placement services. Explores various positions in the field of biomedical engineering, including highly interdisciplinary fields, such as CE/IT, rehabilitation engineering and neural engineeringOffers readers informative case studies written by the industry's top professionals, researchers and educatorsProvides insights into how educational, training and retraining programs are changing to meet the needs of quickly evolving professions