This book is partly based on research funded by Wereld Kanker Onderzoek Fonds based in the Netherlands and administered by the World Cancer Research Fund International grant program. Every year half a million of people worldwide are diagnosed with bladder cancer. With the recent zeitgeist of the self-empowered, intelligent patient who wishes to be well-informed, many cancer patients do not solely want to rely on decisions taken by medical practitioners, but actively participate in the journey from sickness to health or disease. While no books about the relationship between diet and bladder cancer currently exist, the poor quality of the existing information about the relationship between diet and health is shocking. Much of the information is exaggerated, not evidence-based, misleading and sometimes even incorrect. Dr. Maurice Zeegers, one of the world leading bladder cancer epidemiologists, and his co-authors set the record straight with this book on Diet and Fighting Bladder Cancer. Their aim is to provide purely evidence-based information about the relationship between diet and bladder cancer. The primary audience is bladder cancer patients who wish to be well-informed, although clinicians and healthcare workers may also find the book an interesting read. The book gives an honest reflection on what scientists know, but also what they don't yet know about how diet contributes to all stages of this important disease. Although science-based, the book is written in an easy-to-read format, illustrated with practical recipes.