The Core Model : A Collaborative Paradigm for the Pharmaceutical Industry and Global Health Care

Ibis Sanchez-Serrano

The Core Model: A Collaborative Paradigm for the Pharmaceutical Industry and Global Health Care develops the innovative core model, an organizational research and design paradigm and economic theory that.

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proposes a collaborative approach to resolving global health issues and improving the productivity of drug development. The model proposes that scientific collaboration does not occur in an unstructured manner, but actually takes place within a highly structured order where knowledge is transferred, integrated and finally translated into commercial products. An understanding of this model will help solve the global pharmaceutical industrys productivity problems and address important global health care and economic issues. This book is useful to researchers, advanced students, regulators, and management in pharmaceutical industries, as well as healthcare professionals, those working in health economics, and those interested in scientific innovation processes. Explores the current state-of-the-art in the pharmaceutical industry and the global healthcare sectorIncludes insights from world-leading figures in the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare sector, federal funding agencies, regulatory bodies, investment sector, entrepreneurship, intellectual property law, philanthropic organizations, and advocacy groupsDevelops in-depth, original concepts, which have important implications in the understanding of, and search for, potential solutions to the worlds health care crisis