Kalanchoe (Crassulaceae) in Southern Africa : Classification, Biology, and Cultivation

Gideon F Smith; Estrela Figueiredo; Abraham E Van Wyk

Kalanchoe (Crassulaceae) in Southern Africa: Classification, Biology, and Cultivation provides a highly readable, illustrated account of the Kalanchoe species. The book includes an overview of the family.

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Crassulaceae and genus Kalanchoe in global and subcontinental contexts that is followed by information on the taxonomic history of the genus. The characters and ecology of the species are also discussed, including their distribution ranges, where they occur, their habitat preferences, and where the species were formally recorded for the first time. For each indigenous and naturalized species, comprehensive taxonomic, descriptive and other information of interest is provided. This is the must-have resource for plant scientists, plant taxonomists, ethnobotanists, herbarium curators, ecologists, pharmacologists, invasions scientists, horticulturalists and landscape designers.