Anionic Annulations in Organic Synthesis - eBook


Anionic Annulations in Organic Synthesis: A Versatile and Prolific Class of Ring-Forming Reactions is a comprehensive review of the main annulations for the construction of cyclic structures and their use in the total synthesis of functional molecules. The book explores in detail the Hauser, Robinson, Sammes, and Myers annulations, all of which are beneficial to constructing substrates with complex molecular structures suitable for pharmaceutical purposes.This volume begins with an in-depth introduction on the history and perspectives of annulations. It then covers different categories of annulation in each chapter, examining their application to drug synthesis for a range of different medicinal compounds.Anionic Annulations in Organic Synthesis delivers a thorough analysis of the topic and provides the tools necessary to master anionic organic chemistry. It is a valuable resource for chemists, researchers, and students seeking a complete and detailed understanding of anionic annulations.Serves as a useful tool to both academic and industrial researchers in the fieldIncludes numerous examples of anionic annulations and how to apply them practically in research and industryFeatures anionic annulations that are particularly effective for the synthesis of polyoxygenated polycyclic compounds