Reservoir Engineering Handbook

Tarek Ahmed

Reservoir Engineering Handbook, Fifth Edition, equips engineers and students with the knowledge required to continue maximizing reservoir assets, especially as more reservoirs become complex, multi-layered,.

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and unconventional in their extraction methods. Building on the solid reputation of the previous edition, this new volume presents critical concepts, such as fluid flow, rock properties, water and gas coning, and relative permeability in a straightforward manner. Water influx calculations, lab tests of reservoir fluids, oil and gas performance calculations, and other essential tools of the trade are also introduced, reflecting on today's operations. New to this edition is an additional chapter devoted to enhanced oil recovery techniques, including WAG. Critical new advances in areas such as well performance, waterflooding, and an analysis of decline and type curves are also addressed, along with more information on the growing extraction from unconventional reservoirs. Practical and critical for new practicing reservoir engineers and petroleum engineering students, this book remains the authoritative handbook on modern reservoir engineering and its theory and practice. Highlights new research on unconventional reservoir activity, hydraulic fracturing, and modern enhanced oil recovery methods and technologiesActs as an essential reference with "real world" examples to help engineers grasp derivations and equationsPresents the key fundamentals of reservoir engineering, including the latest findings on rock properties, fluid behavior, and relative permeability concepts