Companion and Complementary Diagnostics : From Biomarker Discovery to Clinical Implementation

Jan Trost Jorgensen

Companion and Complementary Diagnostics: From Biomarker Discovery to Clinical Implementation provides readers with in-depth insights into the individual steps in the development of companion diagnostic.

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assays, from the early biomarker discovery phase straight through to final regulatory approval. Further, the clinical implementation of companion diagnostic testing in the clinic is also discussed. As the development of predictive or selective biomarker assays linked to specific drugs is substantially increasing, this book offers comprehensive information on this quickly-evolving area of biomedicine. It is an essential resource for those in academic institutions, hospitals and pharma, and biotech and diagnostic commercial companies. Covers all aspects, from biomarker discovery, to development and regulatory approvalExplains the "how to" aspects of companion diagnosticsIncorporates information on the entire process, allowing for easier and deeper understanding of the topic