Transportation, Energy Use and Environmental Impacts

Marcio de Almeida D'Agosto

Transportation, Energy Use and Environmental Impacts shows researchers, students and professionals the important connection between transportation planning, energy use and emissions. The book examines the major transportation activities, components, systems and subsystems by mode. It closely explores the resulting environmental impacts from transport planning, construction and the decommissioning of transportation systems. It discusses transportation planning procedures from an energy use standpoint, offering guidelines to make transportation more energy consumption efficient. Other sections cover propulsion and energy use systems, focusing on road transportation, railway, waterway, pipeline, air, air pollutants, greenhouse gas emissions, and more. Shows the relationship between road, rail, maritime, air and pipeline transportation activities with fuel use and pollution, greenhouse gases and wasteProvides a comprehensive approach, covering transportation system planning, design and infrastructure constructionSynthesizes the needed information and data, explaining how to improve transportation system performanceIncludes learning aids, such as cases from around the globe, a glossary, extensive bibliography, chapter objectives, summaries and exercises