Sustainable Construction Technologies - eBook


Sustainable Construction Technologies: Life-Cycle Assessment provides practitioners with a tool to help them select technologies that are financially advantageous even though they have a higher initial.

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cost. Chapters provide an overview of LCA and how it can be used in conjunction with other indicators to manage construction. Topics covered include indoor environment quality, energy efficiency, transport, water reuse, materials, land use and ecology, and more. The book presents a valuable tool for construction professionals and researchers that want to apply sustainable construction techniques to their projects. Practitioners will find the international case studies and discussions of worldwide regulation and standards particularly useful.Provides a framework for analyzing sustainable construction technologies and economic viabilityIntroduces key credit criteria for different sustainable construction technologiesCovers the most relevant construction areasIncludes technologies that can be employed during the process of construction, or to the product of the construction process, i.e. buildingsAnalyzes international rating systems and provides supporting case studies