Nanomaterials in Plants, Algae and Microorganisms - eBook


Nanomaterials in Plants, Algae and Microorganisms: Concepts and Controversies: Volume 2 not only covers all the new technologies used in the synthesis of nanoparticles, it also tests their response on plants, algae and micro-organisms in aquatic ecosystems. Unlike most works in the field, the book doesnt focus exclusively on the higher organisms. Instead, it explores the smaller life forms on which they feed. Topics include the impacts of plant development, how different nanoparticles are absorbed by biota, the impact different metalsincluding silver and rare earth metalshave on living organisms, and the effects nanoparticles have on aquatic ecosystems as a whole.As nanotechnology based products have become a trillion-dollar industry, there is a need to understand the implications to the health of our biota and ecosystems as the earth is increasingly inundated with these materials.Covers the issues of nanoparticles on more simple organisms and their ecosystemsDraws upon global experts to help increase understanding of the interface mechanisms at the physiological, biochemical, molecular, and even genomic and proteomic level between ENPs and biological systemsProvides a critical assessment of the progress taking place on this topicSheds light on future research needs and scientific challenges that still exist in nanoparticle and living organism interactions