Rice : Chemistry and Technology

Prof Jinsong Bao

Rice Chemistry and Technology, Fourth Edition, is a new, fully revised update on the very popular previous edition published by the AACC International Press. The book covers rice growth, development, breeding,.

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grain structure, phylogenetics, rice starch, proteins and lipids. Additional sections cover rice as a food product, health aspects, and quality analysis from a cooking and sensory science perspective. Final chapters discuss advances in the technology of rice, with extensive coverage of post-harvest technology, biotechnology and genomic research for rice grain quality. With a new, internationally recognized editor, this new edition will be of interest to academics researching all aspects of rice, from breeding, to usage. The book is essential reading for those tasked with the development of new products. Identifies the nutrition and health benefits of riceCovers the growing and harvesting of rice cropsIncludes the use of rice and byproducts beyond food stapleExplains rice chemistries, including sections on starch, protein and lipidsContains contributions from a world leading editorial team who bring together experts from across the fieldContains six new chapters focusing on rice quality