Data Science for Business and Decision Making

Luiz Paulo Favero; Patricia Belfiore

Data Science for Business and Decision Making covers both statistics and operations research while most competing textbooks focus on one or the other. As a result, the book more clearly defines the principles.

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of business analytics for those who want to apply quantitative methods in their work. Its emphasis reflects the importance of regression, optimization and simulation for practitioners of business analytics. Each chapter uses a didactic format that is followed by exercises and answers. Freely-accessible datasets enable students and professionals to work with Excel, Stata Statistical Software(R), and IBM SPSS Statistics Software(R). Combines statistics and operations research modeling to teach the principles of business analyticsWritten for students who want to apply statistics, optimization and multivariate modeling to gain competitive advantages in businessShows how powerful software packages, such as SPSS and Stata, can create graphical and numerical outputs