Sound and Action in Music Performance - eBook


Sound and Action in Music Performance addresses how auditory feedback influences the planning and execution of our movements. Focusing specifically on auditory feedback in music, including instrumental.

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and vocal production, the book also gives substantial coverage to its role in speech. Both of these behaviors are the primary means by which people communicate their thoughts and feelings through the auditory modality, with auditory feedback being critical in each case. The book proposes that the role of auditory feedback emerges from the broader theme of coordination as our brain coordinates planned actions with concurrent perceptual events, including auditory feedback and other intrusive sounds.Critically reviewing the existing literature and proposing hypotheses for future research, this book tackles a topic that has intrigued researchers for decades.Covers the role of feedback in event sequencingDetails how motor systems influence the use of auditory feedbackTackles neural mechanisms for feedback processingCharacterizes hierarchical representations and synchronizationAddresses perception/action associations and the role of internal models of productionDiscusses how learning influences the use of auditory feedbackConsiders the role of feedback in music and speech production deficits