Forest Management and Planning

Pete Bettinger; Kevin Boston; Jacek P Siry

Forest Management and Planning, Second Edition, addresses contemporary forest management planning issues, providing a concise, focused resource for those in forest management. The book is intermixed with.

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chapters that concentrate on quantitative subjects, such as economics and linear programming, and qualitative chapters that provide discussions of important aspects of natural resource management, such as sustainability. Expanded coverage includes a case study of a closed canopy, uneven-aged forest, new forest plans from South America and Oceania, and a new chapter on scenario planning and climate change adaptation. Helps students and early career forest managers understand the problems facing professionals in the field todayDesigned to support land managers as they make complex decisions on the ecological, economic, and social impacts of forest and natural resourcesPresents updated, real-life examples that are illustrated both mathematically and graphicallyIncludes a new chapter on scenario planning and climate change adaptationIncorporates the newest research and forest certification standardsOffers access to a companion website with updated solutions, geographic databases, and illustrations