Handbook of Crime Correlates

Lee Ellis; David P Farrington; Anthony W Hoskin

The Handbook of Crime Correlates, Second Edition summarizes more than a century of worldwide research on traits and social conditions associated with criminality and antisocial behavior. Findings are provided.

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in tabular form, enabling readers to determine at a glance the nature of each association. Within each table, results are listed by country, type of crime (or other forms of antisocial behavior), and whether each variable is positively, negatively, or insignificantly associated with offending behavior. Criminal behavior is broken down according to major categories, including violent crime, property crime, drug offenses, sex offenses, delinquency, and recidivism. This book provides a resource for practitioners and academics who are interested in criminal and antisocial behavior. It is relevant to the fields of criminology/criminal justice, sociology, and psychology. No other publication provides as much information about how a wide range of variables-e.g., gender, religion, personality traits, weapons access, alcohol and drug use, social status, geography, and seasonality-correlate with offending behavior. Includes 600+ tables regarding variables related to criminal behaviorConsolidates 100+ years of academic research on criminal behaviorFindings are identified by country and world regions for easy comparisonLists criminal-related behaviors according to major categoriesIdentifies universal crime correlates