Thorp and Covich's Freshwater Invertebrates - eBook


Thorp and Covichs Freshwater Invertebrates, Fourth Edition: Keys to Neotropical Hexapoda, Volume Three, provides a guide for identifying and evaluating a key subphylum, hexapoda, for Central America, South.

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America and the Antarctic. This book is essential for anyone working in water quality management, conservation, ecology or related fields in this region, and is developed to be the most modern and consistent set of taxonomic keys available. It is part of a series that is designed to provide a highly comprehensive, current set of keys for a given bioregion, with all keys written in a consistent style.This series can be used for a full spectrum of interested readers, from students, to university professors and government agencies.Includes zoogeographic coverage of the entire Neotropics, from central Mxico and the Caribbean Islands, to the tip of South AmericaIdentifies aquatic springtails (Collembola) and insects to the genus level for many groups, and family or subfamily level for less well known taxaPresents multiple keys, from higher to lower taxonomic levels that are appropriate for each users level of scientific knowledge and needsProvides a general introduction and sections on limitations, terminology and morphology, material preparation and preservation, and references