Consumer Neuroscience presents a clear overview of the fundamentals of neuroscience and applies the principles to understanding consumer behaviors. In order to truly understand consumer behaviors, we need.

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a clear understanding of how the brain is shaped by contextual factors. The initial chapters introduce the topic to ensure that even those with a limited knowledge of neuroscience will be able to grasp the more advanced content. The book moves on to review: methods; the field of affective neuroscience for a deeper understanding of emotions; mechanisms and applications of neuroimaging methods; lifespan development neuroscience; fundamentals of visual neuroscience; cross modal correspondences for understanding consumer perception of stimuli; and directions for future research. The book concludes with a collection of case studies that allow readers to analyze actual results of different cases in which brain activity was used to answer marketing and business questions. Presents readers with a clear overview of consumer neuroscience as a fieldIncludes a visual brain indexDiscusses neuroscientific areas that are highly relevant to consumer sciences but not yet integrated into the disciplineOffers the combined expertise of a psychologist and a neuroscientist to provide well rounded insight into the area of consumer neuroscience Describes unresolved issues and possible methods in consumer neuroscience and approaches for tackling them