Handbook of Ionic Substituted Hydroxyapatites provides scientists and researchers with comprehensive information on the synthesis processes of hydroxyapatite, also explaining the application of substituted.

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hydroxyapatite. The book's content is very structured and explanatory, starting with a detailed overview of biological apatite in bones and teeth, as well as a presentation of the analytical tools for hydroxyapatite. Bioceramics and the relative modern and emerging processing techniques are covered, as is 3-D printing, which has gained increasing importance within biomedical materials and in the use of hydroxyapatite in tissue engineering. Finally, the advantages and disadvantages of using ionic substitutions in clinical application are presented. Students and researchers in disciplines, such as Material Science, Ceramics, and Bioengineering will find this book to be very helpful in their work. It will also be a valuable resource for practitioners and surgeons in orthopedics, perio/implantology and maxillo-facial disciplines, and professionals working in R&D in ceramics and pharmaceuticals.