Auxetic Textiles

Hong Hu; Minglonghai Zhang; Yanping Liu

Auxetic Textiles provides a detailed introduction to the basic properties of auxetic materials and how they differ from conventional materials, particularly auxetic textiles, such as polymers, fibers, yarns, fabrics and textile composites. The book discusses the beneficial properties of auxetic structures in textiles and how to translate those benefits into actual materials development. Sections cover the deformation mechanism of textile structures to achieve auxetic behavior and the modelling and simulation of auxetic textile structures. Finally, the book provides expert insights into potential application areas. Cutting across textiles disciplines, from technical textiles and advanced composites, to fashion and design, the book is a valuable introduction to the field for newcomers, with potent insights into the potential of these materials. Introduces the concept of auxetic materials and their differences from conventional materialsProvides a practical guide to the mechanics of achieving auxetic properties in textile materials, including polymers, fibers, yarns, fabrics and compositesReviews and links up research and development in auxetic materials with the textile industry, helping enable the development of a range of new applications