Skillbuilding: Building Speed & Accuracy on the Keyboard with Software Registration Card

Carole H Eide; Andrea Holmes Rieck; V Wayne Klemin
McGraw-Hill Education

Skillbuilding: Building Speed and Accuracy on the Keyboardcombines the unique pretest/practice/posttest diagnostics pedagogy with the power and flexibility of web-based software, allowing you to individualize.

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your instruction--in a classroom setting or online. Discover what Skillbuilding: Building Speed and Accuracy on the Keyboard, can bring to your course: -Established program that effectively measures student performance and progress at regular intervals, allowing you to track each student's progress at a glance. -Course management system enabling seamless student record-keeping and makes teaching online a breeze. -Web-based software makes learning convenient for students and allows you flexibility in assigning projects. -Additional practice exercises available within the web-based software gives you more options for homework or in-class assignments to build speed and accuracy. -Course plan outlines for 30, 45, 60, and 90 minute classes save you valuable preparation time.